Emily Pek

Land steward & Farmher


Holistic Mission at Frayed Knot Farm

To grow beautiful and diverse cut flowers and herbs that share stories, start conversations about equitable and regenerative farming and support a profitable business.

At Frayed Knot Farm, I grow and forage annual and perennial flowers, herbs and foliage. Without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides I grow according to the seasons, which is reflected in my "garden style" design work. The land that I am honored to steward and grow on is just over 3 acres with less than an acre currently in production. Located in Geauga County, OH, 30 miles from downtown Cleveland. The land holds a special place in my heart, as my family has resided on neighboring land for close to a century. 

I use regenerative agriculture practices to give back to the earth, not cause it further harm. I am passionate about discussing the many challenges that face farmers and often have a story to tell, if you are willing to listen! I feel that its important to save seeds and pass on heirloom varieties from all corners of the earth in order to build a community of educated growers and preserve our world history. 

I understand the importance of supporting local, as a small business owner. I am always learning and open to new and interesting industries to collaborate with to grow my business. Everything and everyone can benefit from the healing properties of flowers and herbs, let me know how I can help or how we can work together! Currently, flowers are sold directly to customers looking for event florals and to local florists. All flowers are grown or foraged on the farm or at home, unless otherwise noted. 


Personal journey & story

Since I can remember, I loved food, people and story telling. I grew up wanting to be a famous chef, a grocery cashier and a waitress. I fulfilled two of those three dreams, I'll let you guess which ones. Over the last decade I have dedicated both my professional and personal life to learning about agriculture systems and have literally been a part of every step of the farm to table movement. I've planted and seen seeds grow to bear fruit, harvested, delivered, cooked and served it to the community, all in one season.  I have always equally been fascinated with being an entrepreneur, I couldn't wait to be own boss. As I've learned its far more difficult than I had ever imagined, but 100% worth it. I am constantly learning and evolving. Part of that evolution has been my gravitation towards flowers and I have learned very quickly how powerful they are. They too have stories, like the nutrient dense veggies that I love. They can bring incredible joy and comfort. Similarly to my journey through food, my curiosity for floriculture has lead me to discover the unfortunate realities that permeate all agriculture systems.  Many cut flowers are also grown and processed in incredibly harmful ways, on a mass industrial scale just like our produce and livestock. With a shocking amount of waste in the floral industry, as it is in food retail spaces,  it is clear that we have a long way to go in bringing about more regenerative practices to all aspects of this trade.   I hope through this farm, I can bring awareness to these issues, while still creating beauty that everyone can enjoy!