Frayed Knot


Holistic Mission at Frayed Knot Farm

To grow beautiful and diverse cut flowers and herbs that share stories, start conversations about equitable and regenerative farming and support a profitable business.

Frayed Knot Farm Winter 2018

Frayed Knot Farm Winter 2018

At Frayed Knot Farm, I grow and forage annual and perennial flowers, herbs and foliage. Without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides I grow according to the seasons, which is reflected in my "garden style" design work. The land that I am honored to steward and grow on is just over 3 acres with less than an acre currently in production. The farm is located in Geauga County, OH, 30 miles from downtown Cleveland. The land holds a special place in my heart, as my family has resided on neighboring land for close to a century. 

My ancestry, my roots ground me and allow me to grow. I grow using regenerative practices to honor the earth, not cause it further damage. I am also passionate about discussing the many challenges that face farmers and feel that its important to save seeds. Passing on heirloom varieties from all corners of the earth is essential to preserving our world history. 

This story of Frayed Knot Farm is told through flowers and herbs grown on the land. Currently, flowers are sold to florists, through weekly bouquet subscriptions and directly to those looking for wedding and event florals.